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Financial Audits are conducted in accordance with the applicable international standards on auditing. Our professional approach to auditing involves strict quality control that means maintaining highest standards of profession, adopting modern audit techniques and complete independence. Our examination and review of financial statements often results in valuable recommendations and advice to our clients on the adequacy of internal controls, company’s operations and management. We also ensure that such recommendations are conveyed to the management in time to bring efficiency and improvement in the administrative and accounting procedures.
We follow a risk-based audit approach instead of traditional audit approach. The risk-based audit approach focuses the processes and operational issues and a prospective approach.
During the financial audit, our emphasis shall be the evaluation of the systems, procedures and practices from which the data is being generated, the quality, security, accessibility, reliability, accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the data and its relevance, timely availability and utility to the management. We shall have a detailed insight of the policies, rules and guidelines governing the whole set of activities and identify room for improvements. Also, we shall interpret the data to evaluate the financial aspect of the activities being carried out and compare the performance/efficiency achieved by the rules, policies, practices, procedures and guidelines set as benchmark/standard.

It is pertinent to mention here that assistance in the preparation of accounts does not form part of the audit function. The preparation of the books of accounts and preparation of financial statements therefrom is solely a management function. If, in particular circumstances, management of company/organization require any assistance in this respect, we shall be pleased to provide assistance.
However, assistance in the maintenance of books of accounts or compliance with any special reporting requirements are separate and distinct assignments and do not fall within the parameters of financial audit.

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