Professional Translation Services

One of the core advisory services of FinanceSeers is the professional translation services that focuses on providing quality transcription, conference interpreters and professional translation services in all major languages.  
Finance Seers is serving a wide clientele in Afghanistan, our dedicated team of linguists are experienced in providing professional translation services to; Development Sector Organizations, Private Sector Companies, SMBs, MNCs, advertising agencies, law firms, financial institutions and many more. The languages we can translate two way are;
English | Pashto | Farsi | Arabic | French | Spanish | Russian | Urdu or Hindi | and other major languages.

All translation services quoted would include proofreading by a second translator. In most cases, the translation process can be summarized as follows:
Translation (First Translator)  →                    Proofreading (Second Translator)  →          Quality Control Check (Back to First Translator)  →         Send to the Client

At FinanceSeers, we are committed to provide quality professional translation services and would lend our language expertise readily to companies that want to develop their slight edge.

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Our Latest Project: Successfully awarded Annual Financial Audit of Future Generations Afghanistan NGO for the year 2015
Our Latest Project: Conducted project financial audit of AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL POLIOPLUS COMMITTEE (ANPPC) funding from Rotary International.

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