Financial Setup Services

Do you have manual accounting system, is your accounting system is not in compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS), do you require professional accounting system to avail grants from international donors or respond to financial auditors in a standard and professional manner, or the numbers in your accounting system just don’t seem to make sense, we are here to help. This is more common with busy, growing businesses than you think. Let us sort this out for you so that you present a healthy and professional financial image to your stakeholders.
Once we have a chance to get things going in the right direction for your company, we can train your staff to keep up the system that is in place or we can continue to provide you the bookkeeping services.

How the process works:
-    Identify your financial and business goals
-    Clarify the status of your financial systems and resources
-    Identify opportunities and challenges
-    Assess options for establishment of accounting system
-    Install the appropriate accounting system, such as, customized accounting databases, latest QuickBooks, Peachtree or other preferred accounting systems
-    Record overall accounting data into account system and implement the international accounting strategies and tactics
-    Generate up to date financial reports and present it to clients
-    Review and feedback
-    Finalization

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Our Latest Project: Successfully awarded Annual Financial Audit of Future Generations Afghanistan NGO for the year 2015
Our Latest Project: Conducted project financial audit of AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL POLIOPLUS COMMITTEE (ANPPC) funding from Rotary International.

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