As per the latest Survey, tax compliances are the most important regulatory concerns, and is driving demand for proper internal controls and robust financial reporting processes, to satisfy regulators and stakeholders.

FinanceSeers provides full range of tax services through our tax practitioners having an in-depth knowledge of tax rules and regulations, as well as of the market environment. This enables us to offer an array of services to our clients to comply with tax requirements, while benefiting from tax incentives available in order to make the organization tax efficient.

We have developed expert knowledge on various tax laws. FinanceSeers tax experts keep you up to speed on development that affect your business, help you interpret their significance and integrate tax considerations into your business strategy.

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Our Latest Project: Successfully awarded Annual Financial Audit of Future Generations Afghanistan NGO for the year 2015
Our Latest Project: Conducted project financial audit of AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL POLIOPLUS COMMITTEE (ANPPC) funding from Rotary International.

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